The Man and the Beard

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By James Ulden

How to grow a beard

Step 1: Start from afresh

If you’re looking to start growing a new beard, be sure to start from nothing. Set aside some time and have a proper shave so that your skin is fresh and well treated. This will minimize any early signs of irritation and underlying skin problems.

Top tip: Applying Pre-Shave Oil will help soften your facial hair and nourish the skin ahead of applying your Shave Cream.

Step 2: Stay persistent to overcome the itch!

Your beard may be itchy for the first two weeks or even up to the first month and a half of growth. Primarily caused by a daily accumulation of dirt, dead skin cells, and dehydration, the levels of discomfort endured can be a struggle. It won’t last forever, however.

Products such as Beard Moisturizer and Beard Oil can be used to combat this and you realistically want to grow your beard for about three months before you can appreciate its true potential and the true fullness.

Top Tip: If you’re not keen on sporting a shiny beard during the day but still want to redeem the benefits of Beard Oil, simply apply it at night and stick to Beard Moisturizer once you leave the house.

Step 3: Find a shape that suits you

There’s always the temptation caused by beard envy to hack away and try something that really just looks better on somebody else. Different face shapes suit different beards however and there are all kinds of charts that can help you look for realistic inspiration and facial comparisons. Ideally, though, you should pop in to see your barber and get some professional advice. Once you’ve decided where you want to go with your beard, stick to it.

Step 4: Play to your strengths

Growing a beard is a full-time job. Even when your facial hair has reached the desired length there is much work to be done. The best course of action is to visit an expert barber and have them assess the required amount of trimming and shaping. If your beard happens to be patchy in areas- don’t worry you can still work with this. Your barber will always be able to advise on the best options to take and also help reach those tricky areas. From this point, you can build a healthy relationship and continue to visit for frequent shorter trims to maintain a consistent style.

Step 5: Take pride in it

To maintain your beard at home, be sure to use a specific, Ph. balanced Shampoo & Conditioner to cleanse and apply Beard Moisturizer or Beard Oil daily to help soften and untangle long and coarse hairs. A well-groomed beard is also second to none when further combed or brushed through-leaving no knots and a healthy shine. From this point on, just enjoy your fine facial hair and the compliments that should come with it.

How to maintain a beard

There comes a time in every man’s life when he decides that growing a beard would be a wonderful idea and this must be commended. Yet great beards never just happen. As with most things in life, success depends on preparation. Thankfully for those looking to reach the great grooming heights that perfectly maintained facial fur brings, we have the knowledge of the skilled Murdock barbers to guide you. Follow these expert steps to maintain, trim and style your beard and mustache to marvelousness.

Step 1: Cleanse and Untangle

Once your beard has grown to trimming length and started to get a little messy, it’s time to wash. Using ph. balanced beard Shampoo and Conditioner in the shower will help cleanse, soften and untangle long and coarse hairs. Your average hair shampoo likely contains harsh chemicals that are prone to stripping away too many natural oils from facial hair, so do opt for a specialist product to keep your beard feeling its healthiest.

Step 2: Brush Through

Use a Beard Brush to brush through your facial hair from top to bottom. Brush the hair outwards from the face so that the longer strands are visible. This will remove knots and leave the hair nice and smooth.

Step 3: Trim It

Once detangled, trim any long, isolated hairs with scissors flat against a comb. Hold your comb vertically on your sideburns and then parallel with your jawbone. For unruly neck hair, hold the comb against the neck and the tip of the combo forward, graduating the hair so it blends better with the chin hair. Use a flannel to wipe away the cut whisker ends.

Step 4: Moisturize

Rub a small amount of Beard moisturizer into your palms, rub your hands together and then run through your beard from top to bottom, smoothing the beard into shape. By far our most popular product, it will reduce itchiness and brittle hair and should be applied daily smooth through once more as the product dries. Alternatively, if you have a particularly long beard or prefer a shiny effect, use Beard Oil to soften and strengthen your beard.

Step 5: Comb, Finish and Style

Comb your mustache hairs, then warm Moustache Wax in between your fingers and thumbs until it feels soft. Apply the wax from the center outwards and comb through with a Moustache comb. Part in the middle and then pinch the ends, twist and turn for a defined handlebar look.

Now take a step back and admire your good grooming work in the mirror.

James Ulden

The origins of Murdock London

It all began with an Irish man about London Brendan Murdock. Dissatisfied with unisex salons and high street barbers, he wanted to create a grooming experience inspired by the ground heritage of St James’ Barbershops but tailored for modern, style-conscious men. A welcoming masculine environment where a gent could take time to relax with his favorite triple, enjoy a wet-shave or beard trim and have his hair cut by a skilled senior stylist.

In 2006 Brendan established the first Murdock London barbershop in the creative hub of Shoreditch. Its unique offering of classic services and modern accessories was an instant success. Six more of Murdock’s enclaves soon followed across the capital’s most inspiring areas. From sub-culture Soho to the financial heart of the city via the Historical cobbled streets of Covent Garden.

In response to the needs of the barbershop clients, and in collaboration with the barber’s expert knowledge, Brendan created the signature Murdock collections of cologne, grooming, and skincare. Sourcing the finest raw ingredients from his global travels, the collections are especially developed to suit the tastes and needs of gentlemen the world over.

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