Foundry Room

Exposed beams, large windows and brick walls make Foundry Room your ideal venue for weddings, business functions, industry events, and celebrations.

Our team of in house specialists strive to ensure your experience is as unique as your event. Foundry Room offers several all inclusive packages that include in-house catering, one of a kind rentals, photography packages, as well as an event design specialist to bring your event to life.

Whether for business or pleasure, Foundry Room is a unique venue that your guests will remember for a long time.

Three locations now serving downtown Edmonton, Whyte Avenue & Fort Saskatchewan.

Covid-19 Regulations

As the city gradually resumes normal operations, we are thrilled to open our doors to full capacity weddings and events. Our team is in good health and high spirits and we are eager to continue to serve you during these unprecedented times. We are always here to help you make those significant milestones in your life, with or without a pandemic.

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