TwinFlower Studio

TwinFlower Studio is a full service wedding florist located in Edmonton, owned by Nicola Lapp. Nicola has over 10 years of experience in the wedding floral industry and her mission is to spread joy and create community by connecting people through a shared loved of flowers and nature.

TwinFlower Studio combines the organic texture of flowers and foliages with the unique designs Nicola produces. Each event TwinFlower Studio produces is like no other – every client is treated with respect and will find their vision brought to reality through the expertise and imaginative creativity Nicola provides.

Keeping sustainability in mind, TwinFlower Studio sources local product whenever available and is always seeking out eco-friendly options in an industry notorious for single-use items. Supporting local is of the utmost importance to Nicola and her business, and she enjoys working with other small businesses in the Edmonton area to keep our community thriving!

Phone #: 780-222-9404

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