Five Tips For A Successful Experience

The team at Bridal Fantasy Group wants to help you have the best results as possible with the advertising avenues you have chosen. Here are some of our favourite tips and tricks to do that:


1. The “Wow” Factor (Attention-Getter)

– Goal: Attract people to your booth without having to say a word = 1/2 your selling job is done!


2. Hook & Offer (Think Outside the Box)

– What’s unique about your offer in comparison to your competitors? Do you add more value, a higher quality product/service, something extraordinary?

– Keep your offer simple and related to your product/service.


3. Brand Your Booth

– Promotional material (think postcard style), gifts (for the brides that show great interest in your company)

– Signage: Use free-standing signage (easy to set-up & take down and you can put it up at your place of business or other promotional events you’re involved with as well). The more signage, the better. Brides need to know who you are, what you do, and, most importantly, remember your company name after the show

– Colour Scheme: What is your company colour? Bring your brand to life with floor-length satin linens on your display table using this colour.


4. The More, The Merrier (Staffing)

– The more staff you have working your booth, the more chance you will have to connect with brides (3 to 6 staff members is a great number depending on the size of your booth).
i. What are the main points about your product/service that brides need to know?
ii. Approach Techniques & Lead Questions – What are some questions you can ask brides to get them talking when they come to your booth?

5. Set Goals

– Set measurable goals for yourself and your staff. Ex. How many brides do you want to talk to in a day, how many promotional pieces do you want to hand out, how many qualified leads (brides who want you to follow up with them) should each staff member strive to obtain?

6. Lead Tracking

– If someone expresses great interest in your product/service, make sure to take down their contact information so that you can follow up with them after the show. i. A guest book or spreadsheet (on a laptop or clipboard) are great options.


      Quick Tips Before the Show:

  • Use the Partner Action Checklist to ensure you are meeting all deadlines!
  • Pre-Register for partner badges on your partner forms
  • Be aware of Edmonton Expo Centre’s health and safety rules in regards to your booth display
  • Order essential services in advance (onsite orders are expensive and may be subject toavailability and delays)
  • Whenever possible, avoid changing or cancelling your order onsite,as you will incur a charge for this.)
  • Send booth literature samples to the Bridal Fantasy office in advance
  • Pay final balance

    Saturday, February 5th, 2022 – Day of Set Up:
  • Pack touch-up paint (if needed), fishing line, push pins, S Hooks and duct tape for quick fixes.
  • Pack office supplies such as: scissors, stapler, paper, pens and business cards
  • Complete booth set up by 8:00 pm to avoid last minute problems on Sunday morning.
  • Remember to check in at the show office on Saturday to pick up your partner badges and to have any questions answered.
  • Please bring extra face coverings for your staff as they are required and the Show Office will not have any extra.
  • The Show Office will not be providing any items to borrow.
  • Please refrain from bringing any children, as there are guidelines to follow due to the heavy machinery used on set up day.Edmonton Expo Center does NOT allow children on set-up day and during tear down (after 4PM Sunday), and sitting services are unfortunately not available.

    Sunday, February 6th, 2022 – At the Show:
  • Be at your booth by 9:30 am
  • Have water and snacks for you and your staff. It is advised that you have a minimum of two staff for this event to allow for breaks.
  • Do not leave your booth unmanned.Visit the show office if you have any show related issues
  • Tear down begins at 3:00 pm. Any display or part of a display broken down prior to this time will jeopardize future participation.

    Maximizing Your Exposure:
  • Make sure to have enough entry forms (that are CASL Compliant)
  • The Bridal Fantasy Group offers many promotional opportunities that can increase exposure foryou and drive traffic to your booth.
  • Catch the spotlight with any of our sponsorship andadvertising opportunities and align your company with hundreds of bridal decision makers.

    Opportunities to Build Your Brand at Bridal Fantasy and with The Bridal Fantasy Group:
  • Featured Prize
  • Sponsorship Website
  • Advertising Sweepstakes
  • Sponsorship Ramp
  • Sponsorship Magazine Ads & Vendor Directory
  • Ads Banners & Poster Boards
  • Social Media Campaigns And much more!

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