Bridal registries have become a fashionable and practical way for engaged couples to communicate what they would like to get as gifts from their guests. Registries are welcomed by guests and the recipients alike for their convenience and precision. Many retail outlets have adopted registry or registry-style programs – using a registry no longer means you have to choose all your items from one place.

For those of you who still believe bridal registries are for those social climbing couples who select china, flatware and crystal, think again. Today’s bridal registries are more likely to include dishtowels, shower curtains or camping gear in the wish list.

We know exactly how wedding guests feel when faced with the ‘what do we buy them’ dilemma. Everyone buys a gift, but wouldn’t you rather give them something you know they need or like? Too many people fall into the trap of buying for themselves rather than the lucky couple, who end up getting saddled with four teapots or an assortment of towels that don’t match their bathroom.

Today’s bridal registries let you get an idea of the couple’s choices, while giving you the opportunity to customize your gift to suit your personal preference.

Remember, a registry is a guide to the couple’s preferences. For example, many people go into a store and discover that the china pattern in the registry is beautiful, but not in their gift budget. Instead, choose complimentary items, such as table linens, that mirror the china’s colour scheme. This way the registry list is not as imposing. A good registry planner will help guests consider various price points to accommodate their own budgets.


When choosing a company to register with, always check the level of service that the store will provide to you and your guests. This should include providing a

1-800 number or website for out-of-town guests who may need to have their gift wrapped and delivered to the reception. The registry should also take time with each guest who comes in to buy a gift, by walking them through the store and pointing out the items that the bride and groom have already selected.

When you, as a couple, decide to arrange your registry, we recommend putting aside two to three hours to do a comprehensive job. This allows the person setting up your registry to get to know your tastes and needs. An obvious example is if the couple plans to entertain formally or not. This creates a whole new list of products and gadgets that the couple, in the midst of wedding preparations, may never have thought of.

“Don’t get dazzled by all the store displays as it makes it easy to add a lot of items to your registry you don’t really want.”

Before you head off to the store, sit down with your fiancé to discuss what you are looking for on your registry. Are you looking for camping supplies or linens, or both? Make a list of items you really want or need before you head to the store. You don’t have to limit yourself to one store either. A lot of today’s couples are registering at a variety of different stores to give their guests, and themselves, more options; both in price and creativity. Don’t get dazzled by store displays, as it is easy to add a lot of items to your registry that you don’t really want. Another piece of advice: if you decide to go for the mixing bowls and utensil set, get

the baking pans that match. You want to keep your sets complete, whether in cookware or bathroom towels. When you go out to create your registry, make sure to make it a special day for the two of you.

Be prepared to update your registry on a regular basis. Seasonal items that were in-store when you registered might not be available come your wedding date.

If you’re still feeling uncomfortable with the thought of asking people to shop for you at particular stores, just imagine how uncomfortable you would feel if they found out you returned those awful ceramic monkey lamps

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