The tradition of sealing an engagement with a diamond is said to have started more than 500 years ago, when Maximillion of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy. The Duke made a wise choice – the diamond has proven to be a fitting symbol for everlasting love because of its beauty, hardness and rarity, not to mention its enduring value.

Start early and do your homework when purchasing your wedding rings. Before purchasing a diamond every couple should understand the Four C’s (cut, colour, clarity, and carat)– the diamond industry uses the Four C’s to determine the value of a diamond.


  • Determines the visual beauty of a diamond
  • The cut transforms a rough, natural occurring crystal into the faceted, refined gemstone seen in the jewellery store


  • The common diamond is somewhat colourless, usually tinged yellow, brown or grey
  • A completely colourless diamond is very rare, and therefore, very
  • “Fancy stones” are also rare and Fancy stones are diamonds with definite colours such as red, yellow, green, blue or canary rather than just a shade or tinge


  • Is the most impressive quality of all
  • The more irregularities there are, the lower the value of the diamond
  • A flawless diamond must show no surface blemishes or interior inclusions when examined at a 10-power magnification


  • The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats
  • The weight of a diamond is the most important factor when determining its value-however a smaller carat diamond with better color, clarity or cut can easily cost more than a larger carat diamond

Most importantly your ring’s cut, setting and stone should all be a reflection of your own tastes, opinions and backgrounds. Remember, you will be seeing your wedding rings every day, for the rest of your lives. You want to make sure you both love them. Delight in the details like finishing or engraving. Matching your rings is optional. You may have completely different ideas on what looks good on your hand, so pick out the ring you like. 

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