A calm bride is a prepared bride. Avoid last-minute jitters and frantic searches by stocking necessaries in a bag. This bag would be kept in the area where you are getting ready, and is not meant to replace your bridal purse. Make sure it contains the following:

  • scotch tape
  • pad and pencil
  • scissors
  • hairpins
  • brush & comb
  • mouthwash/ breath mints
  • tylenol/aspirin
  • earring backs
  • contact lens solution (if needed)
  • touch ups for makeup (lipstick, powder, mascara, etc)

  • needle and thread
  • moist towelettes
  • extra hose/stockings
  • safety pins
  • hair spray
  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • camera
  • extra batteries
  • antacid
  • nail glue (in the colour you are wearing) 
  • tissues
  • water
  • tampons
  • stain remover


Quick! Look in the back of your closet. How many old bridesmaid dresses are in the corner? Many women have a closet full of taffeta Cinderella dresses they would never wear again. However, designers are creating gowns that double as cocktail or black tie function attire.

By looking for quality construction, fine fabrics, timeless design with the ability to mix and match separates, each bridesmaid can look great and have a useful gown after.

Finding a gown that works for everyone in your party takes some give-and-take from everyone.

  • Be considerate…while it is an honour to be asked to be in the wedding party, it does cost money so talk to your attendants about a budget and stick to Etiquette says bridesmaids pay for their own gowns.
  • You want your friends to look amazing so your pictures look
  • All the bridesmaids do not have to look Many brides consider styles and colours that look good on their friends.
  • Ask yourself if you would wear the dress
  • Have a brainstorming session, plan a shopping date and include your

Women often view a piece of beautiful clothing and expect it to make them beautiful, too. The truth is something plain can make a woman look like a million dollars.


Elegant, simple gowns that can be worn again are very popular right now. New bridesmaid dresses feature numerous strapless and backless styles, many with shawls or wraps, which make them acceptable in church but removable for the reception. Prints are also finding their way into many lines. For informal or outdoor weddings where you don’t want a solid colour, prints are good choices.


Elegant simplicity is a great choice. Slip and sheath dresses are popular as they flatter lots of figure types. These dresses can also be re-worn later as cocktail dresses.


A-Line dresses look good on many body types. The hottest styles are two tone, two piece floor length styles. Separates are popular too.


Give your wedding an instant shot of high voltage with a dazzling flash of colour. Weddings will be awash with striking colourful gowns and accessories. Hot fuchsias add flourishes to neutrals. Zingy berry tones are artfully mixed with black; apple greens and bright yellows are given an energetic kick with primary hues. The new fashion focus is colour contrast to create an upbeat vibe for your wedding.

Don’t forget about the flower girl. She doesn’t have to wear a mini-replica of the bride’s gown anymore. Tea-length dresses are sweet, but there is a huge variety to choose from. 


Among the Masai tribe (Kenya, Africa) the father of the bride sprays milk on his daughter to invoke fertility. When she leaves her home tosee her groom, she must not look back at her family for legend has it she’ll turn to stone.

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