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Superstitions might say that rain on your wedding day means good luck but that isn’t always comforting when you look out the window and see clouds on your big day!

The best way to beat wedding day weather woes? Create contingency plans

  1. The most important thing you can do to ensure you’re weather ready on your big day is to discuss your options when you’re booking your venue. If you’re planning to hold your wedding at an outdoor venue, find out what options they have if weather gets in the way.

-Do they have an indoor space you can move into?

– Do they have sufficient tenting if the weather is passable?

Having a clear plan with your venues means it will be easy for your other vendors to adjust accordingly so your day can still run smoothly.

2. Learn who will be responsible at the venue for keeping an eye on weather and last-minute changes; ensure that you feel confident that they understand what you’d like done and will adjust plans accordingly. Ensure that either your wedding planner, day-of coordinator, or someone you trust that can liaise with the venue and your other vendors to ensure things go smoothly and you’re not worrying about things like last minute details on your big day.

3.Planning a summer wedding outdoors? Tents offer a lot of flexibility for most weather situations. Perfect for creating shade on sunny days, events tenting’s vaulted ceilings and arches can be left open to left open to let sun and breeze in on beautiful days but solid walls can be substituted if the weather requires.

4. If you are hosting your wedding in a tent on a rainy day, do keep in mind that you are still outside! Allow sufficient space between the wall and anything you have set up- some rain can still leak in and the ground near the edges can get a bit soggy. An added nice touch would be gathering a collection of blankets and shawls for your guests to borrow if it starts to become a bit chilly.

5. Think ahead and keep your guests comfortable and cared for with small touches like ensuring dress code and venue information is provided so they can dress appropriately.  Your guests will appreciate the little detail after all, who likes navigating a grassy lawn in heels? If it will be cooler out, consider adding a warm drink or two to the menu. Something comforting, even classic hot chocolate, can be a nice warming touch when the weather gets a bit chillier. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you’re having a summer wedding, consider adding a little selection of toiletries like cans of spray deodorant and sunscreen in the washroom.

6. Stash a stylish umbrella in your limo or vehicle on the way to the ceremony and venue; if you plan ahead, you can find some chic options that will ensure you can make the dash from vehicle to door without getting damp! If you’re keen on extra preparedness, online shops even offer bridal rain boots and special elasticized rain capes that will hold up the hem of your dress, keeping you and your gown clean and dry.

7. Finally, you can consider a wedding insurance policy These cover a wide range of situations, including if you’re forced to cancel or rearrange your wedding celebrations due to adverse wedding celebrations due to adverse weather conditions. This would only cover situations where weather conditions were bad enough to cause major disruptions to travel, preventing the wedding party and guests from attending. Not a perfect solution but definitely smart to consider, especially if you’re planning a winter wedding.

Regardless of what side you fall on the wedding day rain superstition debate, the weather is something you can’t plan for your wedding. However, by ensuring you’ve planned for both perfect weather or stormy skies. You’ll be able to get hitched without a hitch!

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