Featured in Bridal Fantasy Magazine

By Tyrone Powell- Strong Bartending

Years are spent preparing everything for your special day and it comes together to be a magical experience that you’ll never forget. So why would your bar not get the same treatment?

Having a high quality bar is always a big hit and will leave people talking about your wedding for years. The best way to ensure your bar has everything it needs is to get the booking process started when you book your venue. If not, you could be left scrambling and end up with a bartender that isn’t professional, is slow and unskilled, or in the worst case, might not be able to trust.

If you want to take your bar to the next level it has never been easier! The icing on the (wedding cake) is to have a Custom Cocktail Experience. Strong bartending begins the process with a survey to find your tastes to then design a selection of signature cocktails they’ve designed for you to try! Let it be small and intimate with you and your fiancé or the whole wedding party and make a party of it!

Strong Bartending has a streamlined and efficient booking and information process. Starting simply with a request for a quote in which you’ll give a few details about your wedding, the process transforms into a completely customizable experience that leaves you with no questions left unanswered and a price that gets you what you want and fits your budget.

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